"Your beautiful artwork, film & the peaceful setting all combined to remind me of how very important being present & living in the moment really are.  

Thank you!"

Roz Morrison

"As a meditator myself, stepping into AWAKE was unlike any gallery setting that I've set foot into. It was as if you took all emotions and transformed them into color and sound. Your video was a self journey from modern man into spiritual self and I LOVED seeing that transformation because I, myself, am undergoing a similar transition."

Abby Duran

"Your AWAKE message is so well timed, for the increasingly hectic season as well as the general change toward a plugged-in, tuned-out life style. It is well conceived and beautifully put together. I was moved, then soothed by the flow of images, loved especially the final presence of sky and water."

Ingrid Kalwas


"…your exhibition was a breath of fresh air and a wonderful change of pace from the typical "low-country" art that is shown in Charleston. I thoroughly enjoyed the integration of film, as well as the different mediums of screen-printing, photography, etc.  The way you guided the viewer through the different spaces, as well as providing audio, proved to be a successful tool in creating a fully immersive experience."

Bethany Summers

"As a practicing and always learning, Zen Buddhist, your art exhibit was one of the most profound and unique exhibitions I've ever seen...invoking meditation, thought, your process of enlightenment intertwined in artistic expression which is genuine vulnerability. You have a creative talent but also the gift to enlighten others by your kind nature and your work."

Jenna Gibson

"It is no doubt that your life’s work is also your passion, and through the exquisite detail of your film editing, screen printing, and material manipulation your extraordinary multifaceted talent is evident. It is rare to find an artist, much less a person, who has the ability to process emotional content, feel confident enough to share with others, and then manifest these thoughts and feelings in a way so that the public can understand even the most complex of details."

Amanda McElynn


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the exhibit. I saw it with my partner this past Sunday afternoon, and was impressed with show's excellent theme, imagery, style and the exquisite overall design of the exhibit. The opening video in Room 1 was paradoxically intense and very soothing at the same time- - and having the artist in the room meditating was a stroke of artistic genius. Mr. Duckworth is a wonderful artist. I am so happy he is a Lowcountry resident and a fellow CofC alum. I can't wait to see what he'll do next. The art work in his current exhibit has encouraged me to seek more information about the healing powers of meditation and Buddhism. Thank you John for putting on a really excellent show!"

Dereck Patterson

"...I really related to the chaos that seems to be part of everyday life. I wanted my 15 year daughter to see your exhibit but she resisted quite strongly. You see what I like is not always that cool. Somehow I talked her into going downtown the following Sunday and we visited the AWAKE exhibit. I know it sounds cliché but we actually bonded a little. Seeing things that are right in front of your face everyday but presented in a different way creates awareness that helps put life in perspective ..."

Jackie Wirszyla

Mount Pleasant, SC

"...It made me think about how we interact (or don't interact) with our surroundings on a daily basis. I feel like we're often caught up with this sense of artificial progress where we race after the next new thing in terms of technology, careers, and even relationships. We rarely take time for ourselves to think about what we're doing and what we want to truly accomplish. We rarely appreciate our natural surroundings, focusing instead on the distractions and noise that consume our lives...AWAKE offers the viewer a chance to slow down and process not just the images in the gallery but the pace of their own lives. I left with a renewed perspective on the purpose of art and the importance of appreciating life and approaching it in a more centered, calm, and positive way."

Cait Cox

Charleston, SC


"Duckworth works with more than paint on canvas. He works with space, sound, and time. The exhibition's power derives from the experience created. The first gallery immerses us in the sights and sounds of our busy minds while simultaneously allowing us time to slow down and breathe. Each gallery after opens into a deeper, more contemplative calm. Duckworth is offering us a great gift. Using all the tricks in his artist's bag, he invites us to wake up to the here and now, the beauty within and around us."

The Rev. Dr. Jeremy Rutledge

Circular Congregational Church

Charleston SC