Awareness, Choice, Perception

The exhibition is bookended by a second video installation, offered as a moment of contemplation of the exhibition experience.  This room contains two 15-minute videos projected side by side, one is clouds, and the other of water.  Viewers are instructed to put headsets back on and switch to Zone 4, an original musical score by composer Lee Barbour.  The videos, entitled "Be Like Water", are inspired by a translation of a Tao Te Ching concept "water is fluid, soft and yielding. but water will wear away rock which is rigid and cannot yield." Duckworth is drawn to this idea of embodying easefulness and grace, while still containing immense power and strength.  This room offers the opportunity to sit and observe, to embrace the ‘witness’ within us and practice watching our thoughts pass as momentary as clouds in the sky or ripples in the water.