Acrylic prints printed on photographic paper mounted and displayed under plexiglass and backed with backing

Acrylic Prints

You want your printed photographs to withstand the test of time. Whether they are displayed in someone's home or on a gallery wall, how your photographs are printed, mounted and displayed under glass will ultimately affect how they are enjoyed by the viewer. That is why we offer archival photographic prints under a variety of acrylic glass finishes with durable backing options.

Photographic Paper

We only use high-end pigment printers and revolutionary papers for our photographic prints. When mounted under acrylic glass, your photo can be printed on one of the following papers.

Glossy Archival Photographic Paper

  • 260 gsm / 10 mil thickness

  • Glossy finish: perfectly smooth & shiny surface

  • Bright white, resin coated paper base

  • Allows for deep saturation and a high d-Max

  • Archival, high-quality photo-paper

Metallic Archival Photographic Paper

  • 255 gsm / 10 mil thickness

  • Metallic-Glossy finish: perfectly smooth & shiny surface

  • Pearl white, resin coated paper base

  • Excellent color gamut, ensures lush colors and a high d-Max

  • Ideal for both full color and black and white images

  • Archival, high-quality photo-paper

Acrylic Glass

Selecting the type of acrylic glass for your photographic print is not as easy as it might seem. The age old question of matte or glossy often comes down to a personal preference for how the photo will show once it is framed. Glossy acrylic glass adds a shimmering effect that helps the viewer feel like they are inside of the photograph. Matte acrylic glass adds a sense of subtlety that lets the viewer see the photo with clarity.

Glossy Acrylic Glass

Our 1/8 inch (3mm) thick glossy acrylic glass is ideal for large volume orders. Paired with a depth of color and brilliance of detail, this depth is perfect for exhibitions or gallery showings.

Our ¼ inch (6mm) thick glossy acrylic glass adds a high-end, premium brilliance for professional photographers. Brilliant photos deserve brilliant glass. The 6 mm thick glossy acrylic adds depth and intensity to already exceptional photos.

Matte Finish Acrylic Glass

Matte acrylic glass is ideal for a more understated finish. Available in 1/8” (3 mm) thickness, non-glare acrylic eliminates the mirror effect common in glossy acrylic glass, especially with very dark images.  The 1/8” thickness is perfect for a perfect view of your photo without a pesky glare. Lightweight and shatterproof, viewers experience a soft depth to well-balanced colors with UV protection and a no-glare finish.


While it will likely never be appreciated for the role it plays, choosing the right backer is nearly as important as selecting the right glass for your photographic display. Choose from one of two state-of-the-art backing materials ideal for every photograph.

Aluminum Dibond Backing

1/8” (3mm) thick, Aluminum Dibond backing is as strong as it is beautiful. Consisting of black polyethylene sandwiched between aluminum sheets, this sturdy composite is finished in a modern and understated brushed aluminum. Able to maintain a stable surface without the weight of more traditional materials, Aluminum Dibond is ideal for oversized or panoramic formats and adds a timeless look to photos that are mounted under acrylic glass.

Sintra Board Backing

Ideal for acrylic print novices, Sintra Board backing is perfect for hobbyists and semi-professionals to display their work without breaking the bank. Sintra Board backing is lightweight and durable, made from an archival-quality PVC. Sintra is UV resistant, damage, scratch or dent resistant and chemical resistant.

Hanging Options

Integrated wall mounts on the back of every acrylic photo makes hanging your picture right out of the box a breeze. Depending on your photo size, you can choose from aluminum block mounting, full aluminum brace hanging with all hardware necessary for successful mounting.